Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What not to buy at Target....

 Yahoo has done it again... Another of their lists! This time its of things to buy or not to buy at my FAVORITE store Target! Yahoo made some really good points so let me give you their buy and don't buy lists.

Don't Buy-
1. Furniture
2. Movies and Music
3. Exercise equipment
4. Shower curtains and some toys

Do Buy-
1. The Kindle
2. Green Cleaning Products
3. Groceries
4. Cosmetics

  I agree for the most part with the things NOT to buy at Target. Although they are a mass retail company they shouldn't be expected to be at the forefront as far as furniture and exercise equipment. As far as shower curtains and toys. It depends on the item and coupons to me. But with movies and music I think that you can find some truly great sales! Think about all of their $5 movies!
  Yahoo's list of things TO BUY are a little askew. Why a Kindle at the top of their list!? Here is my list:

1. Household cleaning items (with coupons!)
2. Clothes and Shoes- GREAT quality, great prices, and super cute clothes!!!
3. Hygiene/Cosmetics- this is with coupons also. But between coupons and sales you can SCORE BIG!!
4. Groceries- on sale and with coupons

I LOVE Target! I can go in with $10 to spend or $100 and I always feel like I got my moneys worth. I know that when I match sales and coupons for my trip I can have a HUGE amount of savings and feel even more satisfied with the money spent! Good luck Target Shoppers :)

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