Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fall is coming...

 I LOVE FALL! I love the leaves falling from the trees. I love the cooler weather which makes my infatuation with scarves ok. I love pumpkins and tea and soup. I love everything about fall! I am so eager to begin wearing my fall wardrobe and making more fall (cool weather) food. I CANNOT wait to decorate my house too! Call me a bit obsessed but I loev decorating the house! Most big holidays merit a big home overhaul... Every year its a bit different... Some years I go a little crazier than others but I think with my urge to decorate... Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are going to be huge here! Which reminds me CHRISTMAS is headed our way quick! EEECK!!!

I will post pictures of the activities and decorations I do... Some with my daughters and some just me :). Hopefully for some who have lost their fall inspiration I will stir up a couple of ideas!


  1. Fall and Spring are my favorites! I am so ready for summer to be over! :-)

  2. I completely agree! Here in Calofornia its been so strange!