Sunday, August 15, 2010

Organizing chaos....

  I personally feel that I cannot properly operate if I have a chaotic home, car, or life. I am one having everything nice and orderly. Good or bad that's me, I have been trying to get every area of our house back in order and cleaning out items that we simply don't need or use. In this I have found such a great feeling of release! In organizing and cleaning out our unused things even in a time where we are struggling God looks down and blesses us every step of the way! We have made a conscience effort as a family to donate one huge bag of items each month. We go through difficult times but we know all of our needs are always met so we need to help others meet their needs too!  We as a family are convicted to ALWAYS help others and this is one of the ways we outreach.

  I am sure that if everyone took a few days over the next few weeks to go through closets, toy boxes and drawers we could all donate A TON to help others! One persons unused items are another persons treasures, right!? So my challenge to all of you is this... Go through your things and donate so that another person can be a little closer to thriving!

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